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A Man's Nature    By Gents~N~Valor
A Man's Nature is the premier choice of beard oil on the market for those who want to treat their facial hair well.

100% All-Natural   

No preservatives, No Artificial Colors or scents and No Parabens

Made In The USA 

We all want things built & manufactured here. Well now is the time to support those who do



Conditions & Softens Facial Hair, Moisturizes your Skin, Stops Itchiness & Flakiness

9 Premium Base Oils 

Absorbs Quickly & Not Oily. The Scent is Masculine and Women Drawn To It

Beards are back as a staple of masculinity and they’re here to stay!
It's in A Man's Nature
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It's in A Man's Nature
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It's in A Man's Nature 
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Introducing - A Man's Nature by Gents~N~Valor

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Beard Oil Label
How Beard Oil Works

Beard oil works by moisturizing the facial hair thus giving it a softer feel and making it easier to comb and keep in shape. At the same time, it will help to hydrate, exfoliate and soften the skin underneath, which can prevent dry flakes of skin from making their way into your facial hair. The perfect beard should be shiny and groomed, not flaky and shaggy.

At the same time, beard oil will also help you to take care of another important aspect of your beard – the smell. An unkempt beard can unfortunately get fairly smelly because it provides the perfect dark spot for bacteria to hide. By using beard oil, you'll ensure that your beard stays smelling fresh as well.

One of the reason beards have come into fashion lately is because they give men the option to demonstrate their grooming and attention to personal hygiene. If you have a beard and you're not using a high quality beard oil like A Man's Nature, then you're missing the point!

Because A Man's Nature uses such a blend of high quality ingredients, it offers unequalled benefits in terms of conditioning, hydrating, cleansing and softening and it ensures that you'll be turning heads for all the right reasons. Other products that include just one or two oils simply can't provide this level of treatment and won't leave your beard looking anywhere near as healthy or attractive. If you're going to go to the effort of maintaining a beard, then make sure that you are treating it to the best products as well!

What Makes Our Beard Oil, Beard & Shoulder Above The Rest
9 Premium Magic Oils With Active Hi-Vitamins!
Hobo Beard
  • Made with ZERO artificial ingredients - 100% All-Natural plant oils. 9 Premium Organic Oils as a base for their beard blend – Perfectly blended to condition, soften & moisturize your hair & skin
  • Multipurpose - Ideal Combination of oils that complement one another and were chosen for their potency & synergistic qualities – A Cure-All for itchiness, wiry/razor-like whiskers, dandruff & unruly facial hair
  • A Light Manly All-Natural Scent - That you will appreciate & women will love. High Quality Ingredients - Manufactured here in the United States - Gents~N~Valor understands the importance of producing products and bringing manufacturing back to their home country

From City-Life to Rural 

A Man's Nature is designed to appeal specifically to Bearded Men who live in the rural backwoods or, a man who reside downtown, a City-Life Gentlemen. The proper care, from shaping, cleaning and conditioning of a mustache and beard takes time, effort and better than average products.

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Gents~N~Valor is a small family run business located in North Georgia. We appreciate our customers and value their Loyalty. We want you to feel like family. That's how businesses use to be and this is how we run our's.
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